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A raw middle-of-the-night stream of consciousness: editing it specifically may never happen, so inulge if you wish! It’s about money.

$ $ $    €€€€ $ $     € $ €$  $

What if we just move our money over a little bit. Like all them billionaires fracking them shales got nothing on so many humans who can say ‘k it’s new money time’, and we’ll declare new currency and bind it with our respect for the earth and a trust we will be provided for when in the spirit of respect for all life. And I just realized American money says “in God we trust” on it and ain’t nothing wrong with flipping symbols back to their original intent as in that phrase way before it found itself on dollar bills, now they gone a bit too imperialist-illuminati (so last century tbh no offense). and it is all God i know but we can cull a standing prayer. sometimes a fox will say anything you know? and the relatively rich can keep playing they field but it will flatten out because nobody else will count their credits anymore. sham credits for the most part, cheated for pretty much all of them. you give me 300,000,000 Crow Dolla’s and I say what is what’s it worth to me, what bank trades in CrowD’s? Well, I also ask, is a country defined by its bank, or vice versa? I think we all know the answer to this currently. But what if… countries existed for the people not the rulers (duh, right, but it hasn’t been the case exactly even though it has on a level of consciousness evolving and learning to be sovereign, but you hear my multi-layered perception here right, and you choose what takes you higher, is my prayer)

Money is valuable based on agreement, and ideally it is a representation of actual physical resources that are inherently valuable, or human value that was created as a service or good, and you know what it does currently represent this to a degree. likely it represents the values of its collective and in some, perhaps, exists in a very different way. maybe a magical way where the money itself is believed to have a degree of consciousness. or where at least, the health of the physical body and planet are prioritized. it seems like we use spacetime currency in an earth/planetary system and the elements haven’t fused yet.

To a deeper degree, money intimately represents an identity we may not otherwise know how to express. some pursue money to understand their relationship to the very concept of value or wealth or especially, worth. self-worth. they seek a sense of value in the game of acquisition, but if done without mindfulness it can go on forever and nothing will come of it. money is a form of raw doughy thought that can become so much and was so much. it is a watery earthiness but if hoarded too much of that becomes swampland. and interestingly enough swampland would probably protect urban (economic centers) plantlife from excess oil exhaust and electromagnetic pollution. if used with intention and a desire to grow, money can take you there. ish. as a tool and on occasion. ain’t nothing wrong with it when we realize and understand and grapple with and come to accept that all who seek abundance, and moving power have a positive if misguided intent, and that ultimately those who get stuck on certain ‘life levels’ going in loops and becoming stuck in eddies, are actually stuck on identities about who they are and beliefs about what reality is. and how this relates to economies and whether they have accumulated a lot of relatively valuable points or not (but poverty calls for a very different compassion and the honoring of life and basic dignity and right of all beings to their needs) is that the wealthy in dolla’s maybe lost in deep greed letting they brothers starve are mining for some hidden universal gem and it better be worth it, all the pain they responsible for, they believe in an etheric sort of ‘economic growth’ and really they’re just terrible but they believe in something nobody else can see. maybe I have that in common with people who are hell bent on creating economic growth at the expense of pretty much everything else, like this way of thinking makes no sense and when you meet it it’s baffling but they’re technology bent, robot bent, water & ether & earth fusion bent, even if so much gets bulldozed, maybe though I, this little writer just thinking in the middle of the night, give too much to the parasite in a misguided attempt at love.

and thinking now that what if we began working with the indigenous and native peoples of our lands to generate new/evolved currency systems which honor the true histories of the countries, the mixed cultural heritage; shadows of the past still hanging along with what is truly worth celebrating, currency systems that help to evolve the national (that word) identity, and currencies committed to staying in resonance with actual value with planetary and human resources and that can be less distorted by greedy people who might be using money for what are ultimately valid but practically unhealthy and likely misguided reasons. sort of like when we learn to be healthier and not push past physical limits of our bodies… same with the money. maybe.

I see us gardening so much more. I see us carving new birds out of stone, defining new dollars based on deeply felt values we no longer ignore. money reflects and can inform us about who we are and where we are. should we use it with love and awareness. I have lived without money or earning income for 3 years and it has been terrible and magnificant and it has essentially become a study in capitalism, poverty, self-worth on personal and collective levels, and ultimately, my own and our collective beliefs about love. what does having money look like, in a life in which I am in love with myself? in which we are all in love with ourselves and believe we are worthy of love and that our unique beings have inherent value in this vast universe? humans seem to believe they are worthless in the cosmic scheme, but it is not true, we are the universe in a way, and I belive we each bring unique and sacred offerings to this planet that are vital. whether or not these natural gifts are currently valued by the dominant eco-gnomy. but may they be so.’


• It might be simple to create a new economic system.
• Money represents an aspect of our deeper identity, or can. The pursuit of wealth can be used as a pursuit of self-knowledge, which enriches the self, and as an expression of our love for ourselves
• The middle of the night seems to be an optimal time to think about everything and produce sassy and optimistic cultural critiques that may never be reread and let words ooze out of me that do not yet have a designated place in consensus reality
• Money is sacred. Its uses have not been.

Recent adventures, recent journals

Summer spectrums of emotions and thought. I’ve had intuitions, or maybe just ideas, to share the progression of my experiences on camera. Or paper, but public paper. Sometimes my posts are less personal, sometimes more. Ultimately I am working on a large writing project that I would love to indulge most of my energy into, but at the same time need the feedback and nourishment of money… and attention (its bad and it’s true, must work on dat) to keep me going.  So this blog has articles and content constantly appearing, but maybe the slow burn work can stay slow burn if I share the quick paced life I live instead of try to rush certain work. I don’t know exactly. Still haven’t gotten this blogging thing down. But I’m bent on becoming a digital nomad supporting sustainable travel and universal basic income just working on her projects and starting soul fires everywhere. Circuses. Labs. Some things are more chaotic. I don’t yet know how to integrate the lab with writing books. Though maybe the journal I’m about to post is a start!




Not sure if there is a point to posting the actual words yet… sometimes they are better. But the ^ is pretty much thoughts orbitting concepts about the nature of language. Embodied languaggggge. Gods of love, I had written.



Full Moon’ing It

Gael. With total detachment, I want to keep you. Somehow. Praying for people to get in on this, extra terrestrials, angels, fairies, time travelers, nbd. I am being a hero I know, it’s bad. I love you. You do gotta do what you gotta, but I’m all ears OK. And you’ve loves who carry the ancient magic. I almost always felt you are such a big soul. Big, expanded, embracing, not fully stretched out yet in this lifetime. You DJ whale. You rainbow melt triumpth. I am connecting to the ocean now. Resonator of frequency. Don’t you want a body?

And I’m remembering this night I spent in my bedroom at my nuclear family’s place, alone but together with myself and holding myself like I would wish a man might have held me at one point. In strong arms in a loving embrace in the kind of sweet summer satisfaction lent only to lovers but somehow in my grace of the cool dark night could manage to find on my own. And somehow I did connect with myself and with something deep, with a completeness. And without needing to say a word, I knew I had just shared that completeness in resonance with the entire human field. And something left me that night, some old ghosts, but living ones. It felt like a demon couple had been with me for lifetimes and had just packed up. No need to mess any longer with the human, she was integrated and see-through, she had learned her lesson. And I had this sense that I had completed my mission on this planet. Suddenly thinking I could just die, right then. I had done my work. But the thought made me so sad, for everybody I loved (moreso than for myself- this soul, she misses flight) that I decided I wanted to be here anyway. If I can be immortal in blood, not age, be in joy, then there is a point. Otherwise, I would have left too, pretty sure. My lesson now is that I am spirit, transcendent, but that I am also the Earth. My body, a differential of the planet, also has its missions. T r i n i t y consciousness.

It seems like this full moon (sort of tided over by now but still looming, and I dreamt of it last night I am remembering) is a good time to integrate some shadow things. This summer’s been hot and catalytic and the unconscious mind, though unknown, has great influence on who we are and who we will become. Slushy cold intellect now. It’s a good time, first full moon after the longest day of the year, to dance with the shadows within us, with those aspects of us that we call shadows,  because there has not yet been light on them yet, the actual things, to see them clearly. A bit poetic but you know what I mean? Darkness ain’t “bad” when it’s embraced in a healthy and holistic way- this is how we make internal steps towards peace. And peace wwwisn’t a fluffy word to throw back and forth, unless it is a pillow fight. It can be powerful command to integrate can invoke an awareness of what has been hidden within oneself or within relationships/connections. Really peace is a way of dancing. It is the integration of opposites.

And these aspects of myself wishing harm for others, doing tons of nasty shit in their secret little evil hearts; but not really, the thing is a heart cannot be evil, or even good, unless it is the kind of good beyond good and evil. Beyond a judgement of an internal dynamic of personality is the raw energy, and that we can create with.

What is light?

I’m sitting here now, in a sacred angel space that’s sort of a bedroom but sort of not supposed to be my bedroom because it’s sacred angel prayer space for the good of this world, really, a little urban refuge for lovers of this wild dream of human life. I know something has been holding me back from wandering farther in my life, into the wilderness. Sitting crouched in front of a laptop screen in the middle of the night, wondering how to revive my supposedly dead friend, remember the hour or so I spent last night, following a street cat and learning his secret ways about the city streets, feeling him wanting me to pick up garbage (and I did), pretending he was my cat when people would pass and he would hide or check out the trees. Feeling my nose get weird now because I’m doing something ugly, remembering that sharing intention to ‘be beauty’ would have saved Gael’s life if I had shared it. So many things my mind is saying ‘I should have done this, that, this, that’, shared my way of seeing how this world is worth it that he’d feel supported by me. Like I would have been more of his rock and he wouldn’t have needed the mountain’s. Maybe I’m thinking too highly of my influence- a little bit. Huge heart having to deal with a lot of challenges and just beginning to take his work and art more seriously and I can’t. Keep centered on what I am learning about myself here and that it is I need to stick with my own highest vision. DNA is healed on the planet, a bunch of messages I’m getting from this guy, that he had to fix something I wasn’t willing to do yet (hmmmm?) (discern), looking for higher perspectives here. I’ve been imagining these holographic design interactive show, things… I keep hearing him now, ‘my body’s not dead, it’s right here’. I was eating these yellow and pink-red cherries I’ll eat (cherries) whenever I’m entering a toxic field.

What I know: I need to be, feel, embrace wholeness. Express it. We can. And we can save a life.

9 Reasons Why We Are Incredible

I believe in humankind.

Compared to many sullen, damp, hopeless, terrified, and I’ll be honest, plain boring (‘just because you’re cynical, doesn’t mean you’re cool’, says Tom Robbins, through a poem I taught my seven year old sister once) projections for our society’s future, I see us going places.

Platinum places. Science fiction magnet lipstick on the high rise dance floor places. Robot licked bonsai kissed dreamboat garden places. Places that skydive tandem with the planet and all of creation places.  Places where humanity has developed deeper and more intricate understandings of our mysterious infinite connections to all that exists. And lives them out loud. Those kinds of places. Rainbow galactic odyssies through space. I see a universe built on stories. And I see us writing a lot of new ones. Future places… to believe in (:p). There isn’t a shortage of these visions. They’re endless.

But regardless of the places we’ll go, or the people we can and will become, or the people we want to become but don’t believe we can yet become, I believe there is so much perfection and wonder happening in us and around us, right now. You might think I’m mad or being inappropriate for suggesting this *now*, in this period of turbulence. How is it relevant to discuss how we are already the best, right now? 

But, I do mean right now. It is SO relevant. It’s just there, in every damn human, a hidden glow, that Buddha good; whether we like it or not. In spite of the things happening on Earth right now, or perhaps because of what we have been facing, it’s this love I’ve been tracking that I know we’ve got going for us. And perhaps now is the best time to begin paying attention to not only what is happening all around us, but within us. (But also all around us).

Being amazing is not only something to feel good about temporarily; the awareness of it isn’t meant to be just a buzz that gets us high at the expense of others who are ‘less than as amazing’ as we are. This is the kind of majestic that is nearly a responsibility. I’m talking species wide amazing. I’m saying we are lights.

I know what people say, and I value the criticisms about our species too, because we need that. We are in a chrysalis, slime oozing and ancient walls being sung down each day.  We are caterpillars who are not yet friends with the butterflies. But we’re almost ready to be. It simply helps to feel approved of about what we’re doing right already. About who we are being that is good, perfect, already. It can make the change process easier. All the evolution, now with less madness and urgency.  

(*An interesting note before getting into this thing: I wrote this article in 2014 and tried to get it published, once, before giving up and forgetting about it for over a year. It was to be some sort of Internet writing debut for me until I sort of froze when it wasn’t responded to on its first pitch. I suspect the act of declaring us humans incredible sent me through a needle’s eye. I have always thought I was super optimistic about people and our future, but I have begun to wonder about how much of this optimism is projection; avoiding the acknowledgement that I, too, am magnificent. That I am valuable. That my own personal future has hope. Changing deeply rooted beliefs, really doing it, is a process that I can say I have at least succeeded at enough by now to be sharing this article and intending to get it published. Writing is vulnerable and takes everything out of me. In a good way of course, but also a horrifying and identity dissolving way. Anyway, now that I’ve properly scared future potential writers away from this calling forever*, I will carry on.)

What make us in-cred-i-ble (etymology):

1) We Can Dance

No matter how subtle or how loud. If we’re in a business meeting, we can dance. It might not go down well (though I don’t see why not), in which case we can leave our employers behind and hide in a bathroom stall (or just plain quit, yeah). And dance! And start companies where dancing in meetings is not only allowed; it’s encouraged. Boom. If we’re waiting at a bus stop and it’s winter and it’s cold, we can dance. We can dance with  and become warm friends. If we’re shopping for a shirt in some dreary cauldron of mass production, we can dance. We can dance the processed music on repeat off our back (or into it, in power).  If we’re making lunch for our 4 kids at 4 am, we can dance. We can dance high, and slow. And we can dance dark, and low. In the shower, on a boat, near a lake, in the bank teller line. At the protest. Down the government hall of records. For our future. For ourselves. For our ancestors. For our children. Always and forever, we can dance. And will.

2) Our Bodies are planets all their own

Teeming life forms unseen. I don’t quite see them with my physical eyes, but the microbiome is busy. Do you know their numbers? (One called me bae, I hear weird things, my life is sort of wild to be honest anyway). So, you don’t wanna dance? Something already is. My words try.Anyway. The human organism functions like some sort of festival ship (planet) for more than a hundred trillion microbes, some of which are intricately a part of our own bodies, though they don’t share our genome.  We house far more little critters than human cells on these primordial cruise ships; the ratio is about 10:1 for microbial to human cells. And they do more than primal groove: these lil bacteria assist with many functions in our bodies. They are known for their influence on digestion and have been found to play a part in immunomodulation. They serve as alchemists too: friendly gut flora have been found to produce many B vitamins including the controversial B12, and vitamin K2 (study on vitamin synthesis by bacteria, studies, studies)

3) Our imaginations are limitless

No matter how far it’s already ventured, it can go further. If we close our eyes*, our inner vision can traipse endless horizons. In one second, the human mind can wander further than the amount of revealed digits of pi. In this current time, we are a thought away from boarding a thought train of love, joy or insight. Or a cranial dip from some grimier swamplands of thinking. A mind don’t care what’s possible, if it can think it, well then it’s been thunk (you can make a baseball cap with the words THUNK on it. You can give it to your English tutor). Want to slap on an anti-gravity machine and soar?  Fantasize about one during that infomercial your employer secretly watches about motorcycle baskets. Or to listen to the bacterial soundtrack in you/r friends/ womb? You can! You ‘ve got access to 1001+ free Ms. Frizzle approved adventures on a bookshelf behind the vague list of things you’ve been meaning to do at some point.

4) We are magic

We are conjurers. More news on the Imagination Front: Our bodies literally respond to our minds like that girl from 50 Shades Of Grey responds to that dude from the same book. It responds to the infinite mind as though each thought is actually… real. Scientific and anecdotal (and less documented) studies show that muscles can form from purely imaginary (though consistent) workouts. There is also documentation of vivid visualization influencing the conditions of chronic or acute health disorders. However, there is not yet documentation of the effect that telling one’s liver to ‘release your toxins’, with dominating but sexy tone, holds. Yet. (I didn’t read this book, hopefully this was an accurate reference).

5) Really we are so deep   

Something runs deeper within us humans than can be seen or always felt. It might strike in the midnight hours, in a quiet communion with trees (or as etchings in cigarette holders or on the backs of Greyhound bus seats), and it knows what’s up. Always a mystery, always boundless, always exactly what makes sense whenever it gets tapped, who we are is not quite certain. But it is certainly profound, transcendent

6) We can light each other up, we can help each other fly

By allowing our deeper energies (or deeper selves, higher selves, source stars, core desires, inner pirates, inner ninjas, inner children or Deep Hot Dogs of Love or what eveeeeer we call dem inner flows) to move through us and join forces, well.

We can bring joy to a world in crisis. Our love can wiggle itself towards unsuspecting strangers in unsuspecting moments, and can have us buying coffee for a homeless person, hugging a secretly depressed lady, or incidentally saying the right few words that will pick somebody up or set them free. An innocent compliment can turn somebody’s whole day around. We can be courageous, to tell the girl she has nice hair, the man his voice (or laptop stickers) are awesome. We can sing angel choirs down the Boulevard.

7) Our emotions are incredible

 Ask anybody and they’ll probably tell you they prefer certain emotions over others. The thing is, all emotions are valuable. The human body is a special place. Emotions are like meters of the mind and thought. They are heavily felt responses to the way we are perceiving. We are not victims of our emotions, and though some emotions can be hard to straddle and get a hold of, to fully process, they are always teaching us something about ourselves, and if we pay attention, we can learn and evolve and begin to feel as incredible as we are. Emotions are also paint colors, we can use them to create tapestries of love and attract into our life reflections of who we are inside.

Same for our sexualitĂŠ

8);Really we can do anything. We can put on banana suits, and DANCE. In the middle of the street. We can even bring loudspeakers and announce our candidacy as Official Banana Peel for the Slippery Slope Governmental Party For Corporate Lobbied Policies. Depending on the satirical tastes of the moment. We can sing happy birthday to everybody no matter what, just, the whole day. We can climb the mountain and howl. We can also sing heartbreaking love songs about racial injustice and class warfare in the metro am the courtyard and on thr mall roof. We can start a spaceship company. We can ditch this joint. We can build a new one. Do you realize how flowers bloom? Imagine how boring a rainbow at war with itself would be, how wonderful it is when the rainbow finally meets itself?

9) We are wildly creative

We might not always feel powerful, whether it concerns health, relationships, silly but unjust laws, the attainment of earthly resources, the presence of harmful discrimination or group think, but I straddle this fantastic idea is that we are as powerful as we believe ourselves to be. With our imaginations, our creativity knows no limit. We are as powerful as we are unified. If something bothers us, we can understand why we made it to be that way, and recycle the energy we put into an old dynamic. If something is unfair, creates harm; we can go deep, into ourselves, to see the truth. We need not be afraid to make dents or shake things up, but first, we can honor our participation in the current movie. We are not at the whim of others, because we *are* others. those things weren’t quite alive yet anyway. The heart’s desires run deep; deeper, mysterious, stranger-friendly, midnight cravin’, beauty-feastin’ energies, already knows how to do this. We cannot doubt, when we choose to believe that love trumps all. If we want, we can banana suit dance our way up to the roof of corporate America and have a dance party on the pretend bridge that exists between heaven and hell, where angels and demons play RPGs and have tea. t

We are incredible because we are the deep and mysterious universe, squeezed into human form, dancing out impossible dreams from nebulae through bone. We are incredible because the world doesn’t happen to us. We create it, out of what is, out of what we understand, what we dare to desire. 

And that makes us pretty damn incredible.

Water Love


As Montreal was recently in the midst of a planned and protested yet green-lighted sewage dump into the… gulp… river (grumbly old man emoji), I feel moved to share what I know about connecting to and loving water.

Water is vital to life.

It is life.

With a fluidity and moodiness like emotion, and a power like sound, water is this heavy velvet soft spoken element of the natural world. Mutable, yielding, yet so powerful. I wonder if we could make something like water up. Maybe we did.

It is important to love, cherish and take care of water: it provides so much for us; on all levels. Ultimately, literally, it is a reflection, teaching us, showing us who we are. It is who we are.

Water makes up a huge part of our bodies.

Healthy water supports a healthy body, healthy emotions, healthy thoughts, and a healthy soul. Flows in, flows out.

If we begin to create better relationships and connection to water in our personal lives, it will be easier to mend collective issues related to it, and support systems which honor water in our urban and natural environments. Though there is certainly an urgency to omprove (improve) matters on this here Earth (and sea), I find that celebration is an excellent sort of prayer which energizes and amplifies our desire for our water to be at its best.

You can have your cake, eat your cake, and also sow cake seeds because… mmm, cake seeds. (And I recently learned about water cakes! It’s sort of like finding a rare rainbow fairy on neopets. Past life. Items. Games. Life. And…) Everything is connected: as we respect life, so it responds in kind, and so the wheel turns and revolves.

So here some ways we can honor that

gushing misty lightening hot stream of electric waterfall fresh sweet good: water, within our own bodies, and on this planet of emerald, turquoise,  and magic.

Being With Water; some contemplative suggestions

An important first realization about our relationship to water is that we are water. You’ve probably heard it before: the human body mass is approximately 70% water (different sources offer different percentages, but it is roughly around this much. I have yet to check on this myself). Amazingly, this ratio is extremely close to the planetary water percent, which is roughly 71%*. Basically, we *are* the planet, and the way we treat water anywhere is probably going to affect everywhere else.  I don’t know if other species experience such a close water: body ratio similarity.

To be water is to know water. Understanding the nature of this precious element connects us to its importance, which allows us to respond to it in positive and gracious ways. Which ultimately allows us to respond to ourselves in more loving and gracious ways. As well as helps us to understand ourselves.

Water is not only a physical molecule. There is a life to it, a spirit, a consciousness.

You can contemplate water.

You can dance like it, as it.

Spend time observing the forms it takes in your universe. Make art inspired by a water drop. Sing the rain. Run naked in thunderstorms. Ski. Water-ski.

This is a bit more shamanic, or imagination oriented: you can send your water (or The Water, or the water, or whichever body of water you’re moved to contacting, whether it be your cup ocean or sea basket) a message.  Imagine contact occurring as though the water is listening to your message. Imagine there are spirits connected to the water, and imagine speaking with them. Do you see anything different? What do you see, hear, smell or perceive when you consciously connected with water? Did you learn anything new?

If we can approach the magic of water, with kindness and honor, it will respect us in turn. Maybe this can occur through marveling at the shapes of snowflakes, and the fluidity of rivers, and the majesty of the sea, and the rippling of concentric circles of puddles and raindrops, and the tears in our eyes. Or maybe you will feel like dancing the water within you, around you, and connect to the water that is you.

experiments with water, masaru emoto

A smellier choice: thank your colon. We tend to like to bury or run away from our shit.  In many senses of the word. As MontrĂŠal is collectively allowing a sewage dump into the river, it is a prime time to appreciate our own biological waste elimination organs., and hopefully begin to see our external environments reshape to images of our love and respect for our interior sewage system. If you are the perhaps adventurous type, know that… butt stuff is not beyond this intention. There are many ways to save yourself, and the world. Everything is connected : )

The water systems in cities do not take into account the energetic and even all of the physical contaminants in the water being circulated. We can make it better, by thanking the water in these systems, thanking the water across the globe and within ourselves, and understanding the unique biochemical energetic and spiritual properties that make up healthy water or unhealthy water. And of course also by improving these urban systems. Filtering tap water can remove certain added or unremoved toxins which can have a detrimental effect on the body and mind (fluoride, leached medications…). Spring water is accessible in many points around the world, and good springs have fresh water which is structured and pure and has an uplifting and protective effect on the body. Many times i drink water and can feel my mind fill up with a host of negative thoughts, and I notice a calming difference when drinking fresh spring water. I am grateful to have access to springs when there is that occasion.

More on using dance to connect: you can dance your heart out  (elaborated), not in thought necessarily of *actual water* but the spirit of it. The spirit of water is liquid, fluid, and receptive; Get in touch with your personal emotional connection to water. What experiences and perceptions resonate most deeply with you, in relation to water?

Connect with your emotions- the real feelings on the real things that you truly care about. And sing them, speak them, dance them, pour your gut wrenching soul burning secrets of feeling into your world. Be where you are with what you’re really feeling. Those feelings will take you on the deepest epic glorious majestic journey to the beyond that is completely and utterly most absolutely relevant to your beating non stop awakening burdened brilliant heart of hearts and also your practical every day reality.

Ultimately, taking care of our internal rivers and external rivers can have unprecedented healing effects even in other parts of the planet. Everything is connected, and there are untold profound effects when intending and acting on healing the water can have.



Perceptual Buffet 1

A snack of perception.  Come as you are, taste as you wish, digest what you need, and fuck what you don’t (though not literally… uh probably).

“As creative genius overlords (only seen as coders really in other worlds nbd) enamored in their game avatars, we can always expand our consciousness beyond the physical bodies we call home, to connect with our cosmic identity. sex helps with this, pleasure and beauty are coded into the mainframe as signal markers to direct consciousness towards higher states of awareness. if used as such but often it works even when they’re not.

we built this deck to learn who we are and expand our identity in these other worlds and learn about this dimension. it’s not always necessary to remember where we come from in this one, we are very enamored by the physical universe and how cosmic affairs manifest here in new and unique ways. the human avatar is super A and also pretty much every coder in the interworlds wants to try it out but there’s a HUGE waiting list. shame so many don’t remember and aren’t super grateful each passing moment for being here. even though the deck got hacked hundreds and thousands of years ago, in the earth’s linear timeline. it’s good because those hackers are master coders and they’re helping us strengthen the effectiveness of the coding. matrix babies we are not, we code this stuff and learning from every angle. even within the system we can change the rules, live a lot longer than believed.

belief itself is an underlying command code which directs subsequent thoughts and determines relevent emotions. these things mandate experience, but there has been this extremely persistant and viral illusion (which looks like a thick foggy layer of ‘stuff’ hanging over civilization zones) that experience happens ‘to’ the avatar and that consciousness is at the whim of an ‘external’ output it is not connected to and lives inside of. but all that is coded by the generators who are us…

once in a while a master gamer incarnates and teaches so that there is more awareness within the program, using the favorable local language of the time. most coders (in this world sometimes called gods, overlords, lords, ultimate authorities etc) in this timeline a mass incarnation occurred as everybody in the code lounge agreed it was time for an upgrade.

nature is also a system which connects consciousness to its greater identities and to the mystery itself and is the best teacher along with “light” being who occasionally manifest, and the wilderness of spacetime itself which is VASTLY unexplored  despite being slightly noted (tiny earth in the deep… black, where are we????). we have not yet understood that life doesn’t necessarily look “organic”.”

(free write I wrote a bit back that I don’t feel like editing as that tends to take a different resource of energy or something…, but I felt to post as is. I like the idea of perceptions and beliefs as foods to digest and be nourished by and eventually grow beyond)